Julia's mother excitedly taught.  "God also gives us characteristics of noble leaders.  In the Bible, God instructs His people to select leaders who fear Him, love truth, and hate wickedness."

Julia Learns How to Vote Wisely

Meet Children's Author Carla D'Addesi

Carla discovered that only 1/4th of Christians are exercising their right to vote at the polls.  This fact astonished and disappointed her.  Prepared to make a difference, Julia Learns How to Vote Wisely is geared at introducing children to the importance of biblical voting.  She hopes this book will inspire parents to take voting more seriously, while educating our future voters to consider what God's word says about choosing wise leaders.  100% of the proceeds from book sales will go to  fight to protect the life of the unborn.

-Excerpt from Julia Learns How to Vote Wisely by Carla D'Addesi